Tutorial: Crochet Tea Cosy

Today’s tutorial actually comes from a great book that I got for Christmas.

Granny Chic by Tif Fussell and Rachelle Blondel not only has fantastic inspirational images but wonderful projects for you to try at home. There are a couple that definitely caught my eye straight away and I thought (rather over ambitiously) that the Crochet Tea Cosy on page 92 should be my first project……this was probably not the best idea, as you will see later.


  • Yarn in various shades
  • 4mm crochet hook

This is only a brief method, just to give you an idea. For the full method I would recommend buying the book – it  really is rather lovely!

  1. Chain 82 stitches using a 4mm crochet needle. I attached my chain at the end to create a loop but I’m not sure if this is right!
  2. You then want to work you way along the chain creating 3 treble crochet clusters, leaving 2 chains in between each cluster.
  3. You want to continue building up lines of treble crochet clusters along the chain but you need to leave a gap at opposite ends of the loop for your spout and handle to fit into. You should end up with about 11 rows.
  4. At this point you need to close the holes you have created for the spout and handle and start decreasing the size of your loop. 
  5. I may have got this bit wrong but I think you decrease by creating single treble clusters and double treble clusters (does that make sense?!) one after the other, and when you do the row above these, you can skip the gap in between them (basically treating them as a 3 treble cluster).
  6. You keep going decreasing the clusters and you should eventually reach the middle and all you need to do is tie off the loop.
  7. Neaten any loose threads.
  8. Finish off with a nice pom pom on the top.

You may ask what my attempt looks like…..I’ll show you, but promise not to laugh….

I made a couple of mistakes. First of all I only had a 5mm crochet needle. I am also not the best crochet-er, I can do a granny square but I think maybe this was a bit beyond me. I also improvised slightly towards the end when things weren’t looking quite right. But I think it looks charming for a first attempt…..it could always be a hat?

Good luck with yours and let me know how you get on.

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