Retro Kettles

Our kettle broke. My lovely retro kettle that I got at a bargain price. I’m very sad.

But this means I can go electrical appliance shopping!!! (Can you tell I’m a little too excited about this) I love looking for the perfect appliances for my home. I hunt the Internet looking for the perfect economy rating and style that fits within my budget.  I have to say, kettle designers are really starting to come up with some fantastic options out there, and I thought I would share my top choices with you.

LEFT SIDE: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4
RIGHT SIDE: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 

I feel any of these would blend into a retro styled home seamlessly, and a lot of them come in a range of different colours, but which to choose? This is the part I am not so good at – making a decision….

….Can I have a different one for each season??

2 Responses to “Retro Kettles”
  1. Maddy Marcel says:

    I love these! My favorites are the right side #2 & 3, and the left side #3. Maddy

  2. K and C says:

    Hi Maddy, Thanks for the comment. You have chosen the 3 that were our top favourites, what good taste you have. He he.Kayleigh

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