Saturday Food and Flowers

I don’t really feel that my feet have hit the ground since we got married back in January. Over these last couple of months alone we have invested in a card system, re-designed the website, had Springy Beard’s 1 year anniversary and I have got myself another part-time job. Plus there is so much more to come over the next few months. As myself and the hubby had some errands to run on Saturday morning we took the opportunity to relax among the cobbled streets of Frome.

At a local flower shop I was seduced by the stunning flowers outside – Ranunculus. The beautiful and complicated petals are stunning and a gorgeous yellow bud just had to make its way home with me to sit in our bedroom window. This really must mean spring is here and I can’t wait to start filling the house with light and flowers.

We also dropped into a little oriental shop and treated ourselves to a lunch of thai curry and jasmine tea. It was really an opportunity for us to enjoy the last nip that’s in the air, staring out the window as the world passed us by. Hopefully soon we can start stripping ourselves of think winter coats, furry boats and knitted hats. I can see spring approaching and it is very exciting. What could make my day even better? Well, my fortunes looking up!


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