Review: Spray Paint Gun

If you looked in my bathroom the other day you may be forgiven for thinking that I was a serial killer……you get the reference right?! Truth be told, I was using a gun, but the worst damage I would do is cover you in a nice even coat of paint. That’s right, I have a spray paint gun.

I bought my spray gun a while ago and have been waiting for a project to come my way to give it a go. My first victim was a gorgeous vintage wall mounted kitchen unit. The unit above was in a good condition but needed some freshening up. The glass doors were removed, cleaned and the whole unit was sanded down. I then got it in the bathroom and gave my gunning ago.


  • The spray gun gave a nice coat across the surface
  • Spraying a large area was really quick
  • It can be used for paint and varnishes
  • It was easy to use as it came ready assembled in the box


  • You have to check and adjust the viscosity of the paint/varnish you are using which can be a bit time consuming and requires extra containers to blend/water down your liquid
  • It is really noisy! 
  • You need to be a certain distance away from the surface otherwise the paint might pool
  • Cleaning up is a bit time consuming
  • It is also a bit heavy to handle
  • You need to keep it quite full otherwise the paint won’t spray evenly but splutter

I had a bit of a mixed experience using this new toy. Although it does give a nice even coat when set up properly, and the paint is at the right viscosity, the thing that put me off using it was the noise and weight! I was doing it inside and I was sure the neighbours would think I actually was murdering someone. The bathroom also didn’t have enough room for me to stand far enough away from the surface, but I couldn’t think where else to do it (my tiny courtyard wouldn’t even fit the kitchen unit in it!). I think I would use it in the future but maybe when we have moved to a place that has a bit more space – preferable with a shed of some kind where I can set up a proper kill room painting area. My main tip would be to slowly build up lots of thin areas and try to do flat surfaces and then rotate your item once dry to cover other surfaces, otherwise you can get some dripping marks.

I hope this helps anyone out there giving spray painting a go. Any tips or advice please send some my way.

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  1. Santi says:

    love the furniture bloggers style, it goes with my decor.

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