Colour Inspiration: Pink

I decided the bedroom needed a little brightening up with spring being upon us, but as with most rented places, I can’t paint the walls or hang too many pictures. Plus I don’t want to spend any money, the allotment needs all my funds at the moment, so what to do?

I decided to change the bedding, I put a pink throw over the entire bed and used a nice stripey one as a footer. But I’m not convinced with the results. I’m not really a pink kind of person, and the jury is still out on my current bedroom arrangements, but it got me thinking about where pink can be a real asset in a room.

A soft pink can add a really nice 30s/40s feel to a room

Take a risk and go for neon pink statement pieces teamed with turquoise

How about a pink and orange floor – the bold paint colour
 and white accessories helps balance the room

Pink and orange can give a really exotic and luxurious feel – think
1930s glamour

Or what about a more subtle pink in the form of coral pink – although lets be honest,
there is nothing subtle about this room!

So my advice to you is to be brave with the pink, but for the cautious out there, maybe just a pink accessory or two can help brighten up that room.

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