We Bought A House!!!

So I have dropped a couple of hints over the last few weeks that something exciting has been in progress and you guessed it – we bought a house!

So let me fill you in on the whole story. After our wedding in January we counted up our pennies and started house hunting. We fell in love with a period terraced property in the centre of town which was at the top of our budget but needed everything done to it – central heating, bathroom, kitchen, (potentially some new joists in one of the bedrooms!) but it was gorgeous. We eventually put an offer in at what we felt we could afford, but we got out bid and had to walk away. For a month afterwards we felt very dejected and no properties in our price range were coming on the market – it was not a happy time.

Then, one evening we read a description of a property on the Internet, no pictures were available, but it sounded interesting and we booked an appointment for the next day. It ticked every box we could have hoped for! Not only did it have the space we needed – 2 double beds, bathroom upstairs, off road parking, garden, shed – it also ticked some of our dream wish list – right location, needs work so we can add value, has a big kitchen, a traditional front door and parquet flooring! The only catch was that the sale had to go through quickly so we set to work trying to make it happen but knowing that if we didn’t meet their deadlines we might loose the house. But we made it!

I have to say I am completely overwhelmed by the whole thing. There is a lot of work to do on the place before we can even move in, and until we do I don’t think it will feel real. It kind of feels like we are moving to another rented place – it all very strange.

Due to now having 2 jobs, an alottment, markets every weekend and 2 houses to sort out, blog posts will be a bit slim over the next month. Things will get back to normal soon.

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