The Hardest Month

Hello! I must apologies for having been so long, but this last month has been the hardest month I have ever experienced.

Never mind trying to maintain my 2 part-time jobs, whilst doing markets, (a wedding and 3 birthdays thrown in for good measure) and completely overhauling the new house –  in between everything we had some devastating news that shook my family to the core and a second scare which involved hospital visits to intensive care.

I have cried a lot this month and been reflecting a great deal.

But with every last breath there is new life and my strawberries on the allotment, producing beautiful flowers and tasty treats to come, bring a smile to my face. We are still not fully back up and running but the blog will hopefully be returning to normal, and the shop will soon follow suit (once I have unpacked everything!).

Also, stay tuned for the house tour which will be coming soon!