The above photos are a bit misleading. Today I decided to rent a rotavator and make a real stab at the ground on the allotment. My folks came down for the day to lend a hand and we were so happy and positive with the sun shining and a picnic ready for our lunch time break. What we didn’t anticipate was how hard the ground was! We presumed that the turf would be able to be worked into the ground, slowly rotting and adding nutrients to the soil, but the turf was so tough that we soon realised we would be better off doing it by hand. So after a combination of petrol rotavator and spade and fork power the plot looked like this…

The plus side was, when we arrived at the allotment we had a very special surprise waiting for us. A juicy delicious ripe strawberry!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. My plans are a nice lunch in Lacock on Saturday and more bathroom preparation on Sunday.

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