Sanding for the Big Boys

I thought I would give you some of the background story to us prepping the house before moving in, we wanted to try and get as much messy work done as possible. This involved stripping out as much of our wood cladding as we could, steaming off the lovely textured wall paper that covered every wall and sanding down the floors….

To do the floors we rented an industrial sander. Luckily we have a tool hire place just down the road and to rent the sander for the weekend ended up being about £90. It was so heavy though! But thankfully I have my amazingly spacious Berlingo, so transporting was not a problem – getting it up the stairs was a 3 man job!

It saved us so much time and actually gives very good results. It is not as difficult to manoeuvre as you would have thought, once you switch it on it doesn’t feel as heavy to push backwards and forwards as it is then positioned on its wheels. My main tip though? Make sure you have hammered down all the nails in the floor properly before you start sanding, seeing sparks fly out from under your industrial sander is not a good sign!