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So things have been very quiet recently for Springy Beard on the world wide web. But in reality things have been a little bit crazy and I have been having to make some very difficult decisions. After much soul searching I decided to close the Springy Beard shop.

After a year and a half of doing markets I started to look into how to push the business forward. I realised without an injection of lots of cash and time, I just can’t move forward. It has also come down to personal time. The day job has gotten super busy and our home still needs lots (and lots and lots…) of renovation. I really want to devote my weekends to improving my home rather than doing markets.

I now realise that I want to be my own boss but I don’t want to do it alone. I want a business partner who will share the load and help inspire me. To me, this person has to be my other half Carl. Over the last month or so I have slowly been selling off my stock, and with the newly acquired space me and the other half can now share an office. We are currently brainstorming plans and ideas for a future business together. So Springy Beard will not be gone forever, it will just evolve into something new and exciting.

I hope to continue with occasional posts about what we are up to so please check in on us. I don’t know if it is the change in the weather, I do love Autumn, but I sense these next few months are going to be great!

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