2014 Goals

I haven’t blogged for a very long time.

I contemplated giving it up all together.

But with the year practically a month in already I have realised that I want to write and catalogue. We are trying out several different things this year, and I feel charting their progress is appropriate. This blog is going to become purely self indulgent. A record of my little life. So here we go with my 5 aims of the year….

Over the next 11months I am going to record our trails and tribulations with the following goals and ambitions:

1. Eat British!

That’s right. We are going to try and eat only British grown and produced food! I’m not sure whether this one is actually achievable? But we are going to give it a real go. Chocolate and coffee might have to be exceptions….

2. Grow!

Obviously this does not refer to height but to my much loved, but currently baron, allotment. My aim for this year is to try and grow as much as possible. This will help me achieve aim 1, cut down our food costs and hopefully be a lot of fun. Do you think I can grown lemons in the UK?

3. A Photo A Day!

I realised that I don’t take enough photos. So for 2014 I have decided to take photos and upload one to my flickr account which represents each day. This aim is already in full swing and has grown beyond belief. Now my family have all joined in and we are having a Flickr competition all uploading photos together.

4. Design!

Anyone who is familiar with this blog will know that my work has changed a lot over the last 2 years. Having moved away from what I trained to do, I am trying to build my knowledge and confidence in design to make a career out of it. Hopefully I can share this with you and keep a record of how my skills improve. To start, lets learn Illustrator.

5. Home Improvements!

In May last year we bought our first home. A 1930s ex-council house that needs a lot of renovation. Design is my passion and interior design is something I relish in, so I will share with you the before and afters, the disasters and major building work.

So lets get going with another great year…..

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