Buying British: Tomatoes


The first thing I noticed when we decided to only buy British was that tomatoes are all from Italy! All of them! Tinned, paste, chopped, fresh. In the month of January there are no British tomatoes to be had anywhere. In fact, even when they are in season I think they are probably imported any way!

The second thing I noticed was that we use tomatoes in everything! We use them for pasta sauces, soups, stews, salads. What am I going to do without them?!

That’s right. I am going to grow them – as quickly as I possibly can! I have already started our tomato seeds, currently nice and snug in the house where I can keep an eye on them, on my fantastic retro tray my Mum gave me. I am growing a mix of varieties – sugar plum, yellow pear, black krim – with the aim that we will have a variety of different colours and flavours to eat fresh, bottle and freeze.

For the next few months we will have to struggle on with out them and get a bit inventive with meals. Sniff, sniff. But that bite into our first tomatoes of the year is going to be mind blowing!

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