Renovation: Bathroom Progress


The bathroom is at a stage where I think it would be nice to share some photos with you. The photo above is what you currently see when you open the bathroom door…..and below is the before.

IMG_0470                 IMG_0471

The before photos are actually after we had removed the laminate and cork flooring and side of the bath. Here is a quick run down of what we have done:

  • Remove the wood cladded ceiling.
  • The cupboard behind the door had to go and with it the shower.
  • The door hinge was changed to the other side.
  • All of the tiles had to be removed which left the plaster work underneath in a horrible condition so….
  • Two of the walls were completely stripped and new plaster boards were fitted. The other two walls were just skimmed.
  • I re-tiled one wall.
  • We fitted a new floor and skirting boards.
  • The bathroom suite was replaced and a lot (A LOT) of new pipework had to be fitted.
  • A towel rail was fitted and connected to the heating.

It now looks like this:

IMG_1171                 IMG_1188

IMG_1178                IMG_1179

I feel very proud to say that we did all this work ourselves (well, apart from the towel rail which was fitted by my father in-law). The tiling was my handy work and the plumbing was all done by my other half. We still need to fit a shower, move the light and paint the ceiling, but there is nothing nicer than lying in the bath and  admiring what we have achieved.

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