Design: Heart Cookie Cutter

I am very fortunate to have access to a 3D printer at work. Well, actually, I am completely spoilt and have access to several 3D printers at work, but we do sell the PLA filament for printers so it is only to be expected. In aiming to build my design skills I have been playing around with 3D designing in a program called Tinkercad.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 14.15.33 IMG_1247

With Valentines just around the corner (and because I am a piggy, and of course have food on the brain at all times), I thought a heart cookie cutter was a good idea as my first design. Of course, it is not the classic heart shape because that just wouldn’t be me. Introducing my first ever 3D design – A Hole in my Heart. I tried to keep it as basic a design as possible, but I must confess when it came to printing I had a few issues. Because the design was quite thin and not the neatest around the edges, I ended up printing it on a raft to add support. It took about 1 hour to print and used about 7grams of plastic. I ended up including a small handle in the design, just because I though it would be cute. The raft can them be peeled away and the handle stuck on with glue.


Next time I think I would create gradient walls so that there could be some infill and extra support at the base. It is all a learning curve and very fun to experiment. Plus, it tuned out to be a perfectly adequate cookie cutter and supplied us with some very tasty Red Velvet Cookies. Although, be warned, 3D printers are hypnotic. You suddenly realise you have spent the last 15 minutes staring at it and probably should get back to work!

IMG_1256 IMG_1258