Growing: Poly Tunnel Alternatives


This was the sight that met me when we went to the allotment at the weekend. My poly tunnel, my exciting project of heated gardening, my birthday present from my other half, all my January hard work and efforts had been completely destroyed by the stormy weather. The ground is also completely sodden – we took turns in trying to pull each other out of the holes we had sunken into. As you can imagine I was a little upset.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 20.30.01

This heavily effects my plans for this growing season. My tomatoes seeds are coming along nicely, but where can I put them? We are not allowed green houses, which I think would get blown over anyway. Our site is so exposed that any structure has to be extremely hardy (our shed has been blown over twice and is only currently standing because we staked it 3 feet in to the ground using metal posts!). I could get a small plastic green house and strap it to the side of the shed? Or, I am wandering if cold frames could be used? If we built cold frames from bricks we might then be able to utilise them as hot beds as well?


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The plus side to all of this is we utilised the carcass of the poly tunnel and the upright poles are going to be used to create a net cage around my soft fruits! Waste not want not….I’m also thinking of renaming my plot ‘the mud cafe’!


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