Growing: March To Do List

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March is upon us. From all my research March seems to be the month to grow. A lot of seedlings need to be started in order to get the bumper harvest in the Summer and Autumn. There are other jobs as well, some personal to my plot, others for every grower out there. I managed to get the majority of my jobs done last month but I am behind on my digging and the shed is a mess……I just try not to look in there too often.

So, this is my to do list, which also gives you an insight into some of the unusual things I plan on growing. Due to my poly tunnel disaster I am improvising with bringing on my seedlings, mainly I am taking up space in the kitchen with lots and lots of trays! Trying to paint the kitchen walls in-between all the seedlings is not easy! I’ve found out I have no sense of balance.


Complete digging the beds

Create a bird feeder to help control my insect population

Plant out my Bremer Scheerkohl, Tomatoes and Early Potatoes

Protect new plants with cloches

Cover over dug ground not to be used immediately to protect from weeds

Try and tidy shed….

Plan a cold frame


Sow seeds: Beetberry, Cardoon, Electric Daisies, Mizuna, Nero di Toscana, Parsnip, Pea, Spaghetti squash, Tomatillo, Carrots, Brussel sprouts and beetroot

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