Buying British: February Review

Buying_BritishAlthough we started this month on a positive note – my valentines meal being a huge success – we have resorted to a lot of ‘Produced in the UK’ products as the month has gone on. The main reason being? We miss fruit. We only seem to be able to get hold of apples at the moment, and they are not the best. The flavour is ok but they are small and a little powdery. I miss Granny Smiths. We bought some ‘UK Produced’ jam to give us a bit of sweet fruitiness and some ‘UK Produced’ squash. However, the main purchase was…….a lemon tree!

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 00.32.10

This is a Meyer Lemon tree which is originally from China and a natural hybrid between a lemon and orange tree. It means you get slightly smaller, rounder lemons but they are also sweeter and very juicy. This tree is only small and will live in the house during the Winter and outside during the Summer, but it has lemons!

My first act was lemon pie!

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 00.32.19

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