Design: Sliding Door Handle

People may wander what you would use a 3D printer for? When would you ever just need to print something? Well, We have fitted a lovely sliding door into our pantry and I needed a handle that was flat and could be embedded into the door… I printed one!


This design was also a good excuse to try my hand at a 3D printing software called FreeCAD. And let me tell you, it is hard! The only reason I managed to produce this handle was thanks to my other half who is way ahead of my in 3D design. Although this design looks very simple it took me 3 attempts to get it right, trying to get the embedded detail was tricky, producing nice screw holes with bevelled edges just to the right size and suitable supports whilst printing that wouldn’t ruin the front finish…..but hey, no one said design was easy!


I printed the design with additional supports on the back, which where then removed. I then measured up a hole in my sliding door, and used a drill to create several holes in the shape of the handle recess. Thankfully our door was hollow on the inside so this shape then just popped out, otherwise we would have chiseled out a hollow in the wood. I then used standard 32mm plaster board/drywall screws, as they were black (you can see my decisions are based on appearance rather than any DIY knowledge!), to screw the handle to the door. I’m really pleased with the results and the handle works a treat!

If you would like to download the design and print it yourself head over to HERE


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