Buying British: March Review

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I think we are finally finding an equilibrium with this buying British food project. This month hasn’t seemed as difficult, its easier to think of meal ideas, and I am actually enjoying my apples as the only fruit source. We managed to find an amazing food stall at a near by Saturday market – they even had British Pak Choi! We’ve been a bit more adventurous and sampled some different British cheese varieties – there is actually a lot of choice available in your local supermarket. And we have found some crisps made from British potatoes which covers us for a quick and easy snack of a lunch time.

But the highlight of this month has to be rhubarb! It is finally in season and can be found at local farmers markets and supermarkets. I have never been so happy to see those spindly pink stalks! I instantly made rhubarb crumble and can’t wait to try other recipes – chocolate brownies with rhubarb compote, rhubarb pannacotta, rhubarb ice-cream!

Along with the rhubarb we are starting to see in the shops grow and pick salads, which must be an indication that Spring is underway!

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