Growing: April To-Do List

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I have not spent a lot of time down the allotment this month. I feel a bit guilty…..I did manage to cut the grass and get a load of digging done. But no bird feeder……and the shed is still a mess! I blame my lack of time on working on the kitchen,

and clearing the back garden

and working

and enjoying the sunshine

I could go on!

My main aim last month was to get lots of seedlings on the go, which I have managed to achieve. This means I have lots of planting out and potting on to do.

So my main priorities for this month:


Inside: Cabbage, Courgette, Cucamelon, Green Purslane (a type of spinach), Skirret, Soya beans, Sweetcorn and Peas

Outside: Beetroot, Brussel sprouts and Onion sets


Harden off first and then plant out: Cardoon, Carrots and Parsnips

Place into larger pots: Tomatoes, Peas and Electric daisies


Draw earth over early growing potatoes


Spray plants with water and soap mix to help the fight against pests

Erect bean canes

Grow some Marigold to ward off aphids

Feed the birds in some way (need to work this out!?)

Add manure to the fruit canes

Make a cage for the soft fruits

Prune the plum tree

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