Buying British: Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a funny thing. I love the stuff. The other half hates it. Hellman’s would be my brand of choice on a regular shopping trip, but when reading the product label it didn’t confirm 100% it was made in the UK? I think it is, but as I wasn’t sure, I started a mayo hunt and was over joyed when I discovered a UK mayonnaise made using British rapeseed oil right in my home county of Somerset!  Fussel’s mayonnaise is delicious! It is a little bit more expensive, but not extremely so, and it is worth every penny. It seems to be available in all of our supermarkets – finally, I can indulge.

So, imagine my horror when I went food shopping and they were sold out! How dare other members of the public buy all the mayonnaise! Don’t they know that I am buying only British and can’t buy the regular mayonnaise on offer! How dare they!

Yes, I seem to have developed an emotional attachment to my food buying which is reaching unhealthy proportions…..I will seek help. I will apologise to the people in the supermarket that had to witness my mental breakdown. In the mean time, I will make my own mayonnaise. I found a ‘foolproof mayonnaise‘ recipe online and gave it a shot. And it didn’t turn out half bad, not as tasty as Fussel’s, but I would try making it again.




P.S. This product does not contain any chocolate.

P.P.S. The chocolate eggs did not last very long after this image was taken!

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