Renovation: Kitchen Completed…well almost!

I thought it was about time I showed you the kitchen. There is still more to be done (lights need replacing, ceiling painting, blinds, artwork, etc.), but before I do the main unveiling, here is the before.




So, what have we done? We removed the tiles, in fact, we removed 2 layers of tiles as the previous owners had tiled on top of tiles! We basically stripped out everything, laid a completely new floor, moved the water pipes, filled walls, sanded walls, painted, installed a new kitchen, tiled, installed a sliding door……that pretty much sums it up. I feel very proud that we did this all ourselves!





It hasn’t been easy. We had to redo the floor 3 times to account for warping in the wood. The walls took ages to repair, they were in such a bad condition after removing the tiles. We installed the kitchen ourselves and had that unnerving moment when the cooker wasn’t going to fit back in! But I have to say, I love this kitchen! It is everything I had hoped for clean, fresh, colourful but adaptable, and all our existing stuff works in the space so well. All I need now is a mint green kitchenaid sat on the side….hint hint to the hubby!

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