Living Room Renovation Complete…

I have not shown you the house renovations in a very long time (excuses to follow shortly). I figured, before we put up the Christmas decorations, I should update everyone on our progress.

After the kitchen our next big project was the Living Room….it has taken all this time to complete it. What?! I hear you cry. What could possibly have taken so long?!

When we first moved in, the Living Room looked something like this…


We stripped out as much as we could initially, but basically painted everything white (yes, including the wood cladding!) and lived with it. Only when we started the work did we realise what a mess we had got ourselves into.

Firstly, the fireplace. We had to remove the old multi fuel boiler and soon realised that a large chunk of the fireplace had been damaged. We then removed the wood cladding from the ceiling and found a nightmare. Not only were the electric cables exposed (they had re-wired the house but hidden the cables under the wood cladding rather than under the floor boards upstairs), there were major holes in the ceiling. The large metal girder was not boxed in and they had also put wood sheet boards on the wall rather than plasterboard.



So, what have we been doing?

  1. We removed the internal porch
  2. We had to rebuild the fireplace
  3. We boxed in the beam
  4. Pulled down the ceiling and wood boards from the walls (creating more mess and showing the true horror of the walls (the 3rd photo above)
  5. The entire downstairs was completely re-wired
  6. The walls and ceiling were plaster-boarded
  7. We then got people in to skim everything!
  8. We built a hearth for the fire
  9. We built a cloakroom
  10. We built cupboards either side of the fireplace
  11. And then the decorating….

Whilst trying to get this done we also had some interruptions. Unfortunately, all the hard work we had done in our kitchen was put back to square one when a water pipe leaked (so stay tuned for Kitchen Renovation 2.0). We also got a puppy. Chester. Who must be the most adorable, annoying, affectionate, naughty, loveable and stubborn dog I have ever met. But enough with excuses, the Living Room now looks like this…









There are still some finishing touches to complete, but they can wait until after Christmas. In the mean-time, let me leave you with a photo of Chester. This is the face he has after doing something naughty…too cute!

Chester at 5 months chilling on the chair. #borderterrier #borderterrorist

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