30430: #3 and #4

It was my birthday. So with our list of challenges, we decided to choose something very special for my big day.


30430: No3

Anyone who knows me well, knows my love of Agatha Christie, specifically but not exclusively Hercules Poirot. So for my birthday we decided to re-live the 1930s and visit a very special location where Agatha Christie wrote her book Evil Under the Sun….Burgh Island.


30430: No3 – Our Room and View at Burgh Island

This art deco hotel is located on its own island just off the coast from Plymouth, offering the ultimate in luxury and service. There is no phone signal and the only tv is in the ‘reading’ room. Dinner is a 6 course affair, with formal dinner dress a must.


30430: No3 – Dressed for Dinner

I struggle to describe how wonderful this whole experience was. When you dream of something for so long, there is a risk it will never live up to fantasy. But Burgh Island does.

Lying in a deep roll top bath, champagne and chocolates on a table at your side, the radio tinkling in the background. The salty air and the sound of the waves breezing through the open french doors. Standing at the top of a cliff, the wind causing your hair to whip around your face, feeling the thrill and horror as the tide surrounds the island, you are cut off from the main land! Having the time to just sit and read, surrounded by beautiful antiques, a cup of tea at your elbow and the only sound is an indoor fountain (that’s right, an indoor fountain!).

Just Pure Perfection.


30430: No4 – A bit blurry but the only evidence we have!

To do this special place justice, we decided to complete another indulgent (if a bit silly) bucket list item…get drunk on champagne!


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