30430: #5

I don’t want there to be any confusion, so let me make it clear. I do not condone the use of guns, I am not a gun nut and I am not pro-hunting.

With those formalities out of the way…I am, however, a paranoid person. I like to plan ahead. In my own twisted way, in order to prepare for any future apocalypse, knowing how to fire a gun may come in handy. The Zombies won’t stop themselves after all.

As a Valentines treat, myself and the hubby went Clay Pigeon Shooting, No.5 on our list. And to reassure you all, we can safely say not many pigeons were hurt.



I don’t want to brag but I managed to hit 4….I just won’t tell you how many out of. I still managed to hit more than Carl. I had a lovely nippy little rifle, ’cause I’m a lady. He had a beast. I’m not making excuses for him but….he didn’t hit anything. Literally nothing. He got zero……am I laughing too much?

Our shoulders now ache. I think we paid the price for our gun thirst.

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