30430: #6, #7, #8, #9 and #10

We decided to combine our next 5  on the list in a mini road trip over the Easter weekend.

No. 6 – Learn to bake bread

This was a very special treat. We headed to River Cottage for their break making course, and spent the day kneading our socks off making flat bread, pizza, sough dough, shaped loaves, focaccia and hot cross buns. We basically had 2 feasts worth of bread to munch on during our trip, and enough for several bread and butter puddings on our return!….we may give it a while before we eat bread again…

No. 7 – Visit Caerhay Castle

It has been on our to do list for a while, to visit Caerhay Castle where Carl’s Great-Grandad worked, visit his Great-Grandparents beautiful cottage and follow in their foot steps along the beach. Poignant and lovely.

No. 8 – Zip-wire through the Eden Project



No. 9 – Visit Morwellham Quay

Made famous by the TV series Victorian Farm, Morwellham Quay is a beautiful old Quay that has been taken back in time to the Victorian era. Apart from walking round and seeing the animals and buildings in their Victorian splendor, it also has a copper mine which is why the area was so prosperous.

No. 10 – Walk in Agatha Christie’s foot-steps at Greenway

I think this one needs no explanation. I love Agatha Christie and have felt ashamed that I have not visited Greenway sooner. It was beautiful and I would have happily spent all day sat in the Camellia garden, sheltered from the wind, soaking in the few brief rays of sunshine.

So we have got into double figures and a third of the way through, right on target!

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