Let me firstly explain. Before I got married my name was Kayleigh Beard (insert facial hair related joke here). I am very proud to be a Beard, having suffered much teasing growing up, I now feel I have earnt a certain amount of solidarity (stubbornness) and pride (stupidity) in having a silly surname. But I was getting married! Should I keep the silly name or become Mrs Kayleigh Spring?

Long story short, I became Mrs Kayleigh Spring but to honor my heritage my alias is SPRINGY BEARD. This website started as a blog chronicling my adventures in vintage furniture restoration and selling. But now it has become my online portfolio of life, a place to showcase my past achievements, current projects and future endeavours.

P.s. Apologies to anyone who found this site expecting to see a selection of actual beards. There is no facial hair here, except on my husbands face, where you would expect to find it.