Renovation: Mug Hooks

I am a little behind on my scheduled completion date for the kitchen, but the end is in sight. I am just adding the final touches to the room, one of which I thought I would give you a sneaky glance at. I decided I wanted to add a feature of my mugs. I also … Continue reading

Review: Spray Paint Gun

If you looked in my bathroom the other day you may be forgiven for thinking that I was a serial killer……you get the reference right?! Truth be told, I was using a gun, but the worst damage I would do is cover you in a nice even coat of paint. That’s right, I have a … Continue reading

Tutorial: Belt and Accessory Holder

Image sourced from HERE I saw this fantastic DIY over at Oh So Lovely Vintage and I just had to share it with you all. I think a peg board is the perfect accompaniment to any office, studio or workshop, and now it can be an essential item for your bedroom or dressing room. I … Continue reading

Tutorial: Butterfly Lamp Mobile

I got very inspired today over at Apartment Therapy when I saw this image Check out the full post HERE I just had to try this out on my own lampshade at home and I think you should to. YOU WILL NEED: Coloured paper Needle Fishing wire Scissors METHOD:1. Start by cutting out lots of … Continue reading

Tutorial: Crochet Tea Cosy

Today’s tutorial actually comes from a great book that I got for Christmas. Granny Chic by Tif Fussell and Rachelle Blondel not only has fantastic inspirational images but wonderful projects for you to try at home. There are a couple that definitely caught my eye straight away and I thought (rather over ambitiously) that the … Continue reading

Tutorial: Painted Lampshade

I have had this lampshade in my living room for a while and I am not entirely happy with it. I love the lamp stand but the shade is a left over from my Mum’s house and if I’m honest I think the shade probably needs to be a different shape and size to go … Continue reading


A new year and a new blog for you guys to follow. Poppytalk. With a great mix of interior design and crafty projects this blog has a great look and style to it. All Images sourced from I might have to try out some of those projects for myself, and for anyone getting married … Continue reading

Gift Ideas: The Unexpected Guest

There are always those occasions when you get a last minute guest come to visit, or you recieve a present from someone else and need to find something quick. These are 4 suggestions that you can keep in the cupboard, just in case. Some would also be ideal if you need a secret Santa present … Continue reading

Gift Ideas: The Book-Worm

This is for the quieter member of your circle. The one who is content to curl up and get lost in a good book. This personality is me. If I got this set for Christmas I would be very happy. Book . Torch . Mug . Blanket You can always adapt this set depending on … Continue reading

Tutorial: Retro Stockings

So, I have a lot of markets lined up for December and need to give the stall a Christmas feel. The problem I have had is that the shop, being retro furniture and homewares, does not necessarily lend itself to Christmas. Traditional Christmas decorations don’t really fit in with the retro feel, and some retro … Continue reading

Gift Ideas: The Caffeine Addict

I think this type of individual needs no explanation – simply, they are obsessed with tea or coffee. Storage Jars . Coffee . Cups . Tea Although this set is perfect for the coffee or tea lover amongst you, it is actually a very safe present for someone you don’t know very well such as … Continue reading

Gift Ideas: The Baker

THE BAKER Do you have a family member or friend who is a constantly in the kitchen? Or do they have a young family that they are looking to have fun with and teach how to cook? These presents are for the Baker in your life, they are the Bakers essential kit for Christmas. Apron … Continue reading

Advent Calender Inspiration

It is the 21st of November and only 9 days until the Advent Calender season is upon us. I am a big kid, at 26 years old I still have an advent calender! I just love the count-down to Christmas, all the anticipation and the lovely treat I get every morning to go with my … Continue reading

Gift Ideas: The Photographer

In the build up to Christmas I have decided to start a new feature – Gift Ideas. I love giving gifts, even more than receiving them. I always think long and hard about the perfect thing to give someone, but it can be very difficult to find inspiration. So I thought I would offer some to … Continue reading

Tutorial: Autumn Wreath

Yesterday morning I got up early to go to work. The sight that met me as I stepped out of the door really caught me by surprise – my car was entirely covered in a thin layer of frost. I then spent the next 10 minutes trying to scrap it off and melt it, which … Continue reading

Tutorial: Cake Bunting

It was my Dad’s birthday the other day. Because we were baby sitting the cats and house it gave me the opportunity to create something special for him. My Dad loves bananas, so rather than a traditional birthday cake I made him banana muffins. We had breakfast banana muffins with Greek yogurt and syrup, the … Continue reading

Baking Storage Idea

Just a quick post for you today. I was checking out one of my favourite blogs Cherry Menlove and got really inspired from a picture in one of her posts. In the post she was actually talking about the redecoration she has carried out on a dresser which looks stunning. But it was the picture … Continue reading

Refrigerator Free Kitchen

Could you live without a refrigerator? No, I couldn’t either, but with a different mind set and cooking style we may all be converted. Ages ago I saw an episode of River Cottage where Hugh was going veggie. He spent some time with the chef Sachiko Saeki at her home learning wonderful Japanese cookery – … Continue reading

Tutorial: Mug Decorating

I realised the other day that I have not done a tutorial in a while. With everything that has been going on I haven’t really had time to plan and carry out a ‘how to’. So I have decided to lead you to another fantastic blog to satisfy your DIY urges. . . . but … Continue reading

Wedding Invitation

I have talked about my upcoming wedding in previous posts and wanted to fill you in on some details of what we have been up to lately. We have less than 6 months to go until the big day, so we are due to sent out our invites. The overall theme for the wedding is … Continue reading

Garden Bench

So this is my new, very small and rather shabby, courtyard. There’s not much space but I plan on clearing it out, giving the walls a fresh coat of paint and putting in some plants. The only other thing on my mind is possibly a bench up against the wall, so that I can enjoy … Continue reading

Painted Glass Table

Hello.Apologies for not posting yesterday, I had a particularly bad day. The kind of day where you are in your pyjamas by 8:30pm and curled up in bed – a combination of work stress, wedding stress, technology breakages, etc. But today I am better, with a better frame of mind. And to cheer me up … Continue reading

New Driver Kit

Sourced from HERE It is my other halves birthday today! And he decided that he wants driving lessons. I have driven for the last 8 years but he has never felt the need or want or desire to learn (unlike me who has had a torn out picture of a ford anglia in her purse … Continue reading

Thermos Shelf

I was flicking through one of my favourite website – Design Sponge – and came across an old post about utilising old thermos’. The thermos shelf – check out the ‘How To’ – HERE. Image courtesy of Design Sponge I think this is such a gorgeous thing to do. You could use it just to … Continue reading

What to do With Doilies

Get these doilies from HERE I bought a job lot of vintage linen and fabric the other day and found in amongst everything lots of crochet and lace doilies. It seems a bit of a shame to me, but people don’t really seem to use doilies any more, so I was trying to think of … Continue reading

Join The Flock

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Then I have the perfect little activity – I think you should ‘Join The Flock’. Eden Arts are encouraging everybody to get involved in their large scale art installation. The aim of the project is to help raise awareness of sheep farming and the wool industry. So, … Continue reading

A new use for an old sewing box

Over the years I have managed to collect quiet a lot of jewellery. I don’t wear lots of jewellery all the time, but I can’t resist a beautiful ring or necklace when I am out bargain hunting. This does balance out though, as I have very little make-up, a couple of eye liners, a foundation … Continue reading

Tutorial: Chalkboard Paint

I think I am developing a new obsession….chalkboard paint! I just think it is great. I love the matt finish you get when it is painted on a surface. I love the fact that you can scribble all over it with what ever design/text/patterns you want. But then I love that you can also wipe … Continue reading

Before and After: Cake Tin

Don’t we all love tala cake tins!? Maybe its just me, but no one can deny that the brand Tala means quality and every house hold should have a cake tin….This is why I could not resist this rather battered tala cake tin when I was bargain hunting at a carboot. Unfortunately the tin had … Continue reading

Tutorial: Wrapping Paper

This is a an oldy but a goody – creating your own wrapping paper. The ‘birthday’ season is upon me – I seem to have lots of birthdays all in one go – the other half, the best friend, the father in law… I love giving people presents and feel that the final wrapping is … Continue reading

Chair Leg Socks

On the radio yesterday they were talking about Japan and my heart did a little flutter, remembering all the places we had been and things we had seen. For us one of the best places in Japan was the 100yen shop. Yes, I am implying that the best place in Japan is the Japanese version … Continue reading

What’s inside your suitcase?

Well my car boot was a complete wash out. I got up at the un-godly hour of 6am. In my zombie state I got in the shower, it was only when I got out that I realised outside it was completely tipping it down with rain. Not a light shower, the kind of rain that … Continue reading

Decoupage Phone Continued…

You may remember while I was away in Japan that my Mum did a post about a gorgeous decoupage phone over at Small Hands Big Art. She mentioned that she had bought a retro phone of her own and wanted to give the ‘how to’ a try. Well, while I was in Japan I happened … Continue reading


For your Sunday perusing I have found a wonderful website that you must all check out – Supercyclers. Henry Wilson Designs Newspaper Wood Furniture Plastic Bag Vessels As you can see from the images above the site is full of things to inspire you. Now I love the country kitsch look, which a lot of … Continue reading

Tutorial: Industrial Record Cabinet

Hi everyone.This will be my last post as Kayleigh will be home on Friday. I have enjoyed looking at the posts she has left me, and choosing the things I really like and feel I would like to try one day.  This style won’t be for everyone, but I have to say it does grow … Continue reading

Tutorial: Orb-lando

Here I am again, Just putting on the last but one post for Kayleigh. They are leaving Osaka and should be making their way back to Tokyo today. Another seven days and they will be home, I am so looking forward to seeing them. I have just realised that the posts I have been putting … Continue reading

Tutorial: Cyanotype

Hi Everyone it’s still Kayleigh’s mum. They are having a wonderful time in Japan and as it was Kayleigh’s Birthday on Tuesday they spent a few days in the mountains and it’s snowing!!Well! Having never heard of Cyanotype I was fascinated to read this, what a great idea. I will look forward to Kayleigh giving … Continue reading

Clipboard Picture Frames

Hi Kayleigh’s mum here. They are still in Japan have moved to Universal Studio Hotel and loving it.I saw this in Kayleigh’s collection and thought Wow! who thinks of these things, this is brilliant, what a great idea for a kiddies room, you could put up their drawings and change them whenever they do a … Continue reading

Tutorial: Glass Bottle Picture Frames

Hi everyone, you won’t need to be told it’s Kayleigh’s mum.They are now half way through their adventure and although feeling a bit homesick ( I think that may be for my benefit as I am missing them) they are really enjoying it, I am sure Kayleigh will have lots of stories to tell. Anyway … Continue reading

Tutorial: Floral Suitcase

Hi, Kayleigh’s mum here. Have been away for a few days, so though this tutorial on revamping my suitcase seemed appropriate. Have fun. This tutorial is brought to you from the lovely people at A Beautiful Mess. It is the perfect tutorial to glam up those vintage suitcase you have lying around and can cover … Continue reading

Decoupage Phone

Hi Kayleigh’s mum again, she is having an amazing time in Japan. They have moved from Tokyo on the bullet train to Kyoto……Can’t wait to see the photos!!! Looking through the drafts that Kayleigh has written for me to post. I found this one…..And guess what! I have a telephone like this and would love … Continue reading

Blog site: Land of Nod

Hi, I am Kayleigh’s mum and I am looking after Kayleigh’s blog whilst she and her fiance are in Japan.They arrived safe and sound on Friday and have settled in Tokyo for a few days seeing the sights, they are moving around the country and will be away for a month. I will keep you … Continue reading

Tutorial: Hot Pin Test

After a busy Christmas the shop is back up and running, and I am busy trying to sort out more items to upload for the new year. One of the items I discovered on my treasure hunting sessions was a small crochet needle. It is a lovely creamy colour, but is it plastic or bone? … Continue reading

A small glimpse of the new digs

I just wanted to give you all a little look at my new workshop. It has taken me the last week and a half to get it all in order but it finally is a fully functioning workshop and I can’t wait to get in there doing some productive work. The etsy shop will also … Continue reading

A new friend

So my new life in Wiltshire started with a visit to a brand new friend. You may remember a while ago me mentioning a friend was expecting a baby. Well he has arrived. World meet Ned Packer, Ned packer meet the world. I hope this will be the start of a beautiful friendship. Now that … Continue reading

Tutorial: Paper Mache Bowl

While I’m at Ashbury market tomorrow, and the shop will be closed, I thought I should keep you all busy with a tutorial. However, I must confess, this tutorial is actually from another source but I thought it was so lovely that I wanted to share it with you all. From the etsy shop – … Continue reading

Finding a chandelier in the newspaper

One of the things I will miss about London is free newspapers. I won’t miss the 45 minute journey squished up against someone I don’t know whilst trying to read the free newspaper. But it is nice when you are in the mood to connect with the wider world to pick up a paper and … Continue reading

Pumpkins beware! I’m going to carve you up!

So the halloween party is imminent and I am still fretting about a design for my pumpkin!If you are not aware already my family is having a big halloween party with a pumpkin carving competition. Now, I am not normally competitive but every year since I was in my teens I have carved a pumpkin … Continue reading

Get your glass hanging

I was in Glasgow yesterday for the day job. Unfortunately I didn’t really have much time for site seeing but I did manage to squeeze dinner in at a really lovely restaurant. It is called Ingram Wynd and is a victorian inspired Scottish restaurant, and when in Rome, I mean Scotland…..I think I’ve got myself … Continue reading

Tutorial: Fallen Leaf Bunting

In anticipation of the weather changing I have a lovely tutorial for you. If you want to inject a bit of whimsy fun and colour into your home this Autumn try my fallen leaf bunting. I originally got the idea from a fantastic site – Cherry Menlove – but this is my version for you. … Continue reading

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