Buying British: Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a funny thing. I love the stuff. The other half hates it. Hellman’s would be my brand of choice on a regular shopping trip, but when reading the product label it didn’t confirm 100% it was made in the UK? I think it is, but as I wasn’t sure, I started a mayo … Continue reading

Buying British: March Review

I think we are finally finding an equilibrium with this buying British food project. This month hasn’t seemed as difficult, its easier to think of meal ideas, and I am actually enjoying my apples as the only fruit source. We managed to find an amazing food stall at a near by Saturday market – they … Continue reading

Buying British: February Review

Although we started this month on a positive note – my valentines meal being a huge success – we have resorted to a lot of ‘Produced in the UK’ products as the month has gone on. The main reason being? We miss fruit. We only seem to be able to get hold of apples at … Continue reading

Buying British: Valentines Meal Ideas

During January we fitted our new kitchen and although there is still work to do on the walls, we thought it would be lovely to have our first romantic meal in there for Valentines. I am now trying to plan a fancy 3 course meal using only British ingredients. These are my current ideas where … Continue reading

Design: Heart Cookie Cutter

I am very fortunate to have access to a 3D printer at work. Well, actually, I am completely spoilt and have access to several 3D printers at work, but we do sell the PLA filament for printers so it is only to be expected. In aiming to build my design skills I have been playing … Continue reading

Growing: Forcing Rhubarb

I treated myself to a very special purchase in the garden centre yesterday – a gorgeous terracotta rhubarb forcing jar. When I was young I didn’t like rhubarb. I think it was down to a bad experience with a rhubarb and custard flavoured panda pop (does any one else remember those?). One of my early … Continue reading

Buying British: Tomatoes

The first thing I noticed when we decided to only buy British was that tomatoes are all from Italy! All of them! Tinned, paste, chopped, fresh. In the month of January there are no British tomatoes to be had anywhere. In fact, even when they are in season I think they are probably imported any … Continue reading

Tutorial: Elderflower Cordial

One of my interests is foraging, but in the past I have had very little opportunity to exercise this pursuit, but with the allotment being surrounded by beautiful countryside I have been keeping my eye out for any edible goodies in the wild. We have noticed some sloes and some blackberry bushes but the first … Continue reading

Summer Drinks

My aim this year has been to enjoy every bit of sunshine that I can. If you are in agreement then I highly recommend investing in some items to make your summer drinks a real statement! xx 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6

Tutorial: Banana Muffins

We always have bananas in the house, we are big fans. It stems from my Dad who I think might actually eat one almost every day – I swear if they become extinct it may be a result of us eating too many! Our main use is Banana pancakes on a Sunday. However, I have … Continue reading

Egg Cups

Do you have any plans for this Easter weekend? I am working for the majority of it (but I’m sure I will manage to fit in eating the raspberry and pecan chocolate Easter egg that is currently sat on the side staring at me!). I wanted to do an Easter related post but I realise … Continue reading

Saturday Food and Flowers

I don’t really feel that my feet have hit the ground since we got married back in January. Over these last couple of months alone we have invested in a card system, re-designed the website, had Springy Beard’s 1 year anniversary and I have got myself another part-time job. Plus there is so much more … Continue reading

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

We have developed a slight obsession lately with pineapple upside down cake. It started when I wanted to make a nice cake to take to a friends for dinner back in January. I thought it would be nice to have something fruit based that was a bit retro. My mind immediately went to upside down … Continue reading

We Love Raw Food!

Happy Monday!Let me tell you about out Valentine meal. Here in Frome we have a little shop in the centre of the main cobbled streets that acts as a Pop-up Shop premises. It is great. We are constantly getting different types of products and events going on in there and the people at lovechef have … Continue reading

Pancake Day

I confess, we haven’t had any pancakes!!! I am ashamed and horrified at myself. The fact I have pancakes most weekends does not matter, it is pancake day and pancakes should be eaten. And if I was making them today these are the items I would want to accessorise my cooking. 1 . 2 . … Continue reading

Tutorial: Breakfast/Brunch Bagels

This is the simplest tutorial I think I will ever give but, oh my, it is good! This is the perfect thing to treat the other half on a certain romantic day/weekends that are coming are way. Its a Sunday morning, the alarm clock did not wake you, you woke naturally to a soft light … Continue reading

Tutorial: Cocktails – Champagne and Brandy

So, part of my goals for this year is to learn how to make cocktails. We are slowly collecting together a gathering of cocktail related items – an ice bucket, a soda bottom, a shaker….. However, I am still in the process of gathering the right ingredients. But this week has been a great week! It … Continue reading

Pyrex Love

I have found a fantastic website that you need to check out. It is completely devoted to Pyrex! All images sourced from Pyrex Love has loads of fantastic images of different Pyrex. It is a great reference for different patterns and colours out there. I love Pyrex very much, almost as much as Tupperware. … Continue reading

Advent Calender Inspiration

It is the 21st of November and only 9 days until the Advent Calender season is upon us. I am a big kid, at 26 years old I still have an advent calender! I just love the count-down to Christmas, all the anticipation and the lovely treat I get every morning to go with my … Continue reading

A Little Bit of Pumpkin Left

I can feel Autumn coming to an end as the evenings are getting very cold and frosty. We even put up a Christmas tree at work today! In all fairness it is huge tree so requires a team to put together and sting with lights. We need as much time as possible ahead of the … Continue reading

Tutorial: Red Tomato Chutney

So I decided to kill two birds with one stone – trying out a vintage recipe and creating some goodies for my Christmas hampers. I got this red tomato chutney recipe from a retro cookery book, The Dairy Book of Home Management, which I currently have for sale in my etsy shop. It takes a … Continue reading

Pumpkin: 3 Ways

Its the season for squash. But what do we do with these delicious vegetables? Here are 3 simple recipes that will be regularly appearing in my kitchen this Autumn. The great thing about these, if there is only the 2 of you, you can buy 1 large squash and make it spread to all 3 … Continue reading

Tutorial: Red Onion Marmalade

So I have another recipe for you today. The weather is predicted as being cold and wintery this weekend so I higly recommend making this gorgeous marmalade. An addition to my Cheese Board Christmas hampers has to be Red Onion Marmalade. For anyone who is not familiar with red onion marmalade it is sweet and … Continue reading

Tutorial: Cake Bunting

It was my Dad’s birthday the other day. Because we were baby sitting the cats and house it gave me the opportunity to create something special for him. My Dad loves bananas, so rather than a traditional birthday cake I made him banana muffins. We had breakfast banana muffins with Greek yogurt and syrup, the … Continue reading

Tutorial: Pickled Onions

How are you all? I hope you had a nice weekend? The market on Saturday went well and the bad weather on Sunday was a good excuse to stay in. Although I usually try and avoid including recipes on this blog, cooking is such a big part of my life, and very important to the home … Continue reading

Baking Storage Idea

Just a quick post for you today. I was checking out one of my favourite blogs Cherry Menlove and got really inspired from a picture in one of her posts. In the post she was actually talking about the redecoration she has carried out on a dresser which looks stunning. But it was the picture … Continue reading

Tutorial: Herb Shots

I couldn’t resist showing you this really nifty idea, which is slightly beyond my usual tutorials as it is cooking related. I found it so long ago on a random blog – I can’t even remember which one – but I thought it was such a good idea I had to share it with you. … Continue reading

Refrigerator Free Kitchen

Could you live without a refrigerator? No, I couldn’t either, but with a different mind set and cooking style we may all be converted. Ages ago I saw an episode of River Cottage where Hugh was going veggie. He spent some time with the chef Sachiko Saeki at her home learning wonderful Japanese cookery – … Continue reading

Good Company and Lots of Food

I have had a lovely weekend. Our friends came all the way from London to visit us in Frome, and I can’t help but feel touched that they like us enough to spend so much time and money coming to see us. Homemade Smoked Salmon and Dill tart However, I suspect it may be cupboard … Continue reading

Ikea, Paint and Sunday Lunch

I have had such a lovely full weekend. On Saturday we had a trip to Ikea in Bristol. I must confess I love going to Ikea. I find the room set ups very inspirational and I somehow always manage to buy far more than I intended, or really should! This time round we were very … Continue reading

Finally Time For Pimms

I have been working really hard in the workshop getting some new items up together, and to treat myself of an evening I have been enjoying a glass of Pimms in the sunshine. That’s right, we finally have some sun and that has to mean a glass of Pimms. I enjoyed my glass with a … Continue reading


The Kitchenaid. Surely this has to be on every ones wish list! Head over to This is the must have kitchen gadget, not only is it a gorgeous mixer, but you can buy all manner of different attachments, making it so very useful. Sausage Stuffer                   … Continue reading

Tupperware Love

For some reason there is something about summer that makes me think of Tupperware. Its probably the holidays from my childhood – by the sea, camping out doors, long trips in the car – and the bright and cheerful colours. The trusty Tupperware has been in our lives for so long, helping us with all … Continue reading

The Kettle

I think I have fallen in love with a kettle.…. sourced from sourced from Isn’t it gorgeous! I couldn’t resist hunting for home related products the other evening, even though I know we are far, far away from buying our own place. But it was love at first sight and now I don’t … Continue reading

Cream – the old fashioned way

In the charity shop the other day I picked up this rather quirky looking item. This is a household device that is not really used any more in the UK, it is a cream maker. The particular brand of this creamer is Bell. Me and my Mum decided to give this device a go and … Continue reading

Pumpkins beware! I’m going to carve you up!

So the halloween party is imminent and I am still fretting about a design for my pumpkin!If you are not aware already my family is having a big halloween party with a pumpkin carving competition. Now, I am not normally competitive but every year since I was in my teens I have carved a pumpkin … Continue reading

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