Growing: Lemon Tree Flowers

My lemon tree has started to flower! The tree is gradually getting covered in beautiful white buds. This is now the time give the plant some liquid fertiliser (I’ve chosen an organic liquid veg plant feed but you can get citrus tree fertilisers) as it is putting a lot of energy into producing those flowers. … Continue reading

Growing: RHS Show Cardiff

I had a spontaneous trip over the weekend to the RHS Flower Show in Cardiff. I wanted to get inspiration for my own garden and allotment, plus I was on the hunt for a culinary lavender plant. We had a wonderful day wandering around, obviously, I was particularly drawn to the veg and herb plants. … Continue reading

Growing: April To-Do List

I have not spent a lot of time down the allotment this month. I feel a bit guilty…..I did manage to cut the grass and get a load of digging done. But no bird feeder……and the shed is still a mess! I blame my lack of time on working on the kitchen, and clearing the … Continue reading

Growing: March To Do List

March is upon us. From all my research March seems to be the month to grow. A lot of seedlings need to be started in order to get the bumper harvest in the Summer and Autumn. There are other jobs as well, some personal to my plot, others for every grower out there. I managed … Continue reading

Growing: Poly Tunnel Alternatives

This was the sight that met me when we went to the allotment at the weekend. My poly tunnel, my exciting project of heated gardening, my birthday present from my other half, all my January hard work and efforts had been completely destroyed by the stormy weather. The ground is also completely sodden – we … Continue reading

Growing: February To-Do List

  I confess I am a hoarder of books. Cookery books have always been my weakness but since I got my allotment gardening books have become my new addiction. But they all give slightly different advice, and with so many to refer to, I thought it would be beneficial to get a list together of … Continue reading

Growing: Forcing Rhubarb

I treated myself to a very special purchase in the garden centre yesterday – a gorgeous terracotta rhubarb forcing jar. When I was young I didn’t like rhubarb. I think it was down to a bad experience with a rhubarb and custard flavoured panda pop (does any one else remember those?). One of my early … Continue reading

Buying British: Tomatoes

The first thing I noticed when we decided to only buy British was that tomatoes are all from Italy! All of them! Tinned, paste, chopped, fresh. In the month of January there are no British tomatoes to be had anywhere. In fact, even when they are in season I think they are probably imported any … Continue reading

Allotment: Plant Markers

Things are coming along nicely at the allotment. We have one bed completed with fruits growing, the foundations for the shed complete and plans for the other beds ready and waiting. One thing I did realise I would need is plant markers – especially when someone plants a redcurrent and black current next to each … Continue reading


The above photos are a bit misleading. Today I decided to rent a rotavator and make a real stab at the ground on the allotment. My folks came down for the day to lend a hand and we were so happy and positive with the sun shining and a picnic ready for our lunch time … Continue reading

Allotment Update!

I got told off! With all the moving and working and markets, etc. etc. the allotment got abandoned! And what happens when you ignore your plot? The grass grows and you get a letter from the Allotment Association telling you to cut your grass or you will be kicked out! So I begin cutting the … Continue reading

Allotment: Double Digging

We worked really hard on the allotment at the weekend in order to get a bed ready for all our soft fruits. Things like raspberries, blackberries, rhubarb, etc. all take a year or two to settle and produce decent fruit – so the sooner we get them in the sooner we will be enjoying plenty … Continue reading

Allotment Beginnings

I have had a crazy few days. Saturday was the day we got our allotment! We got up in the morning, were taken around the site and then spent the rest of the afternoon digging…..I was knackered. But there is no rest for the wicked, so on Sunday I had work at the National Trust … Continue reading

Before and After: New Back Garden

So there are still some changes to be made to the back garden but I thought I should show you how it looks at the moment before summer is completely lost. The fact that it is currently tipping it down with rain outside may mean that I have lost summer already, but I am ever … Continue reading

Additional Small Garden Idea

I realise I did a post about small gardens the other week to give myself, and all of you out there, some inspiration. My tiny outdoor space is still a complete mess as the inside of the house is taking priority (and it keeps chucking it down with rain so I don’t get a chance … Continue reading

Small Garden Ideas

So I have decided what kind of bench I would like in my very small outside space – check out the previous post HERE. But I would still like some plants and decided I should get some inspiration for gardening solutions in small spaces. Sourced from artinthepark So I could make or buy a traditional … Continue reading

Garden Bench

So this is my new, very small and rather shabby, courtyard. There’s not much space but I plan on clearing it out, giving the walls a fresh coat of paint and putting in some plants. The only other thing on my mind is possibly a bench up against the wall, so that I can enjoy … Continue reading

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