30430: #3 and #4

It was my birthday. So with our list of challenges, we decided to choose something very special for my big day. Anyone who knows me well, knows my love of Agatha Christie, specifically but not exclusively Hercules Poirot. So for my birthday we decided to re-live the 1930s and visit a very special location where … Continue reading

Living Room Renovation Complete…

I have not shown you the house renovations in a very long time (excuses to follow shortly). I figured, before we put up the Christmas decorations, I should update everyone on our progress. After the kitchen our next big project was the Living Room….it has taken all this time to complete it. What?! I hear you cry. … Continue reading

Renovation: Kitchen Completed…well almost!

I thought it was about time I showed you the kitchen. There is still more to be done (lights need replacing, ceiling painting, blinds, artwork, etc.), but before I do the main unveiling, here is the before. So, what have we done? We removed the tiles, in fact, we removed 2 layers of tiles as … Continue reading

Renovation: Mug Hooks

I am a little behind on my scheduled completion date for the kitchen, but the end is in sight. I am just adding the final touches to the room, one of which I thought I would give you a sneaky glance at. I decided I wanted to add a feature of my mugs. I also … Continue reading

Design: My first Spoonflower design

I am trying really hard to get the kitchen done before the end of the month and work on my designs, but the change in weather (a strange yellow ball appearing in the sky that I can’t remember the name of…) has got me distracted. Instead, any spare moment I have outside of work has … Continue reading

Renovation: Kitchen Inspiration

1 (own image of colour swatches) . 2 . 3 . 4 The kitchen is slowly coming together. The biggest challenge with this room is the walls. When we first moved in every inch was tiled. Well, actually it was double tiled. As in, rather than removing the old layer of tiles the previous owners … Continue reading

Renovation: Bathroom Progress

The bathroom is at a stage where I think it would be nice to share some photos with you. The photo above is what you currently see when you open the bathroom door…..and below is the before.                   The before photos are actually after we had removed … Continue reading

Inspiration: Rachel Cave

Loving all of this from Rachel Cave… xx

Bathroom Wishlist

I have started collecting together my Wish-List for the bathroom makeover! It is very exciting as it gives you a sneaky glimpse at what the end results may be! xx 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8

Bathroom Inspiration

Do you use pinterest??? I think I am addicted! Basically, you search the internet and when you come across an image that you like you ‘Pin It’. The image gets saved to a board, basically like a digital scrap book – and being the girl who has been cutting images out of magazines since she … Continue reading

The First Project: The Bathroom

So, we have decided to tackle the bathroom first. It was really the only room that we didn’t do anything to before we moved in. But now that we are here I feel we need to have somewhere we can escape to after a hard day DIYing. The above image is a reminder of what … Continue reading

Colour Inspiration: Pink

I decided the bedroom needed a little brightening up with spring being upon us, but as with most rented places, I can’t paint the walls or hang too many pictures. Plus I don’t want to spend any money, the allotment needs all my funds at the moment, so what to do? I decided to change … Continue reading

Vintage Inspired Wallpaper

For some reason I have been dreaming of wall paper, the kind that is colourful, full of pattern with that all important retro twist. And would you believe it, they have a fantastic collection over at John Lewis which I just had to share it with you! Left Hand Side: 1 . 2 . 3 … Continue reading

Art Deco Stoves

Myself and the hubby have been dreaming of one day having a wood burning stove when we finally get a house of our own, and with this cold weather the want is getting greater and greater. They are meant to be really energy efficient and lets be honest look fab in a fire place. But … Continue reading

Corner Shelving Inspiration

I saw a fantastic post over at Apartment Therapy today all about corner shelving. Image sourced from Apartmenttherapy.com I have to agree with them that corners can often go to waist. But no more! Head over to the post HERE to get some inspiration.xx

Lots of Love for Bouf

Ahhhh! I have found a great new site that has SO much stuff that I want to buy!! 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 This is the perfect thing for your Monday evening – internet shopping! You have to check it out – head over to http://www.bouf.com – but why, … Continue reading

Retro Kettles

Our kettle broke. My lovely retro kettle that I got at a bargain price. I’m very sad. But this means I can go electrical appliance shopping!!! (Can you tell I’m a little too excited about this) I love looking for the perfect appliances for my home. I hunt the Internet looking for the perfect economy … Continue reading

Dreaming of Some Sunshine

I have had so much fun over the last few days with the beautiful snow and rain we are having. I am always amazed at how a blanket of white can make everything so beautiful and the light seems to change. Plus, the moody sky of a proper rain storm is really very thrilling. However, … Continue reading

Mid-Century Modern Freak

Oh my, I have fallen in love with a website – Mid-Century Modern Freak You have to check out their archive. I love the way it is laid out with all the images visible in one go. There is just so much inspiration I think I may have mid-century over-load. I think coffee cures that…xx


A new year and a new blog for you guys to follow. Poppytalk. With a great mix of interior design and crafty projects this blog has a great look and style to it. All Images sourced from http://www.poppytalk.blogspot.co.uk I might have to try out some of those projects for myself, and for anyone getting married … Continue reading

Foot Stools

I felt a little bit guilty yesterday about teasing you with my new gorgeous footstool. To compensate I have found some fab ones currently for sale. With winter looking set to stay for a while a comfy chair, blanket, cup of tea, good book and sturdy foot stool is a must. 1 . 2 . … Continue reading

Wedding Mood Board: 1940s Shooting Party

I’m afraid there is no New Item this week as next week I am getting married! (and have been completely distracted with last minute arrangements. I have planned the who thing myself and it is a rather quirky non-traditional wedding. I am extremely scared and worried that I have forgotten something important. We have 3 different … Continue reading

Christmas Style Inspiration: Blue and White Paper

This design style is perfect for anyone on a budget. Generally all you need is a large pile of white and blue paper and you are set. You can also adapt it to other colour themes depending on your style. This style is also perfect for the family as you can get the kids involved … Continue reading

Gift Ideas: The Caffeine Addict

I think this type of individual needs no explanation – simply, they are obsessed with tea or coffee. Storage Jars . Coffee . Cups . Tea Although this set is perfect for the coffee or tea lover amongst you, it is actually a very safe present for someone you don’t know very well such as … Continue reading

Christmas Style Inspiration: Nordic Red and White

In the home magazines this Christmas I have seen pages and pages of Nordic Christmas style. This style can be summed up in simple red and whites, and can be adapted to every room in the home. The perfect table setting – Found HERE Bring retro and nordic style together in harmony – Found HERE … Continue reading

Gift Ideas: The Baker

THE BAKER Do you have a family member or friend who is a constantly in the kitchen? Or do they have a young family that they are looking to have fun with and teach how to cook? These presents are for the Baker in your life, they are the Bakers essential kit for Christmas. Apron … Continue reading

Christmas Style Inspiration: Deco Glamour

For a more grown up Christmas style why not try Art Deco Glamour. A modern twist to Deco glamour – Found HERE A gold table with lots of volume – Found HERE Make impact in the entrance hall – Found HERE Gold and Bronze as festive warmth – Found HERE I love this style! It … Continue reading

Decorations for an Autumn Home

With Halloween just around the corner I am itching to get out the fake cobweb, paper skeletons and pumpkin bunting. But I am holding back. This will be our first Halloween on our new street, and I don’t mean this to be a pun, but I don’t want to scare the neighbours. So I altered … Continue reading

Colourful Bathrooms!

I have just discovered that I have almost the perfect vintage bathroom! Let me explain….. As I have mentioned previously my new bathroom has a pink suite. It has taken a little getting used to over the last few months, generally I think bathrooms should be white and minimal but I have grown fond of … Continue reading

Before and After: New Living Room

So we are almost complete on our tour of the new house. For today I am going to show you the new living room. When we first viewed the house the living room was very red. As much as I like red, it is great for adding warmth and vibrancy to a room, but I … Continue reading

My Favourite Game…

I haven’t played this game in a while but I got the urge today to go on a dream home search. I generally use a property search engine on-line to look for lovely houses – in this case http://www.rightmove.co.uk. I normally pick a rough location or price criteria to help narrow things down a bit, … Continue reading

Before and After: New Bedroom

So we only have the bedroom, living room and studio left in the before and after of the new home. Today I have decided so share the bedroom with you. When we moved in there were a couple of big pieces of furniture that came with the house. These were mainly in the bedroom, which … Continue reading

Inspiring Interiors at Oh So Lovely Vintage

Breezing through the internet checking out all my favourite sites I got smacked in the face by a completely stunning home interior. Images Coutesy of Oh So Lovely Vintage This is a 1957 ranch house in Tulsa with the most amazing 1950s interior. The ladies over at Oh So Lovely Vintage brought us these amazing … Continue reading

Before and After: New Kitchen and Out-house

So I have another new house before and after for you today. We have one of my favourite rooms – the kitchen. It has to be said that this is a very, very small kitchen. It was one of the things that worried me about renting the house. I generally like to live in the … Continue reading

Refrigerator Free Kitchen

Could you live without a refrigerator? No, I couldn’t either, but with a different mind set and cooking style we may all be converted. Ages ago I saw an episode of River Cottage where Hugh was going veggie. He spent some time with the chef Sachiko Saeki at her home learning wonderful Japanese cookery – … Continue reading

Pantry Swooning

I was flicking through one of my favourite blogs Oh, Hello Friend and couldn’t help gasping at the absolutely gorgeous pantry in one of their posts. Image courtesy of Oh, Hello Friend I love the yellow and white, I love the anal organisation, I love that everything matches. I also spy a Kitchenaid, which I … Continue reading

Ruche Home

I had to share with you some of the gorgeous home ware that I am lusting after over at Ruche. I get their newsletters via email and they have to go and tempt me with pretty things. All Images Courtesy of Ruche Clockwise from Top Left: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 … Continue reading

Before and After: New Bathroom

I thought it was about time I filled you in on our new home, and I thought I should start with the littlest room in the house (well actually our littlest room is the kitchen but you get what I mean). The bathroom has not changed by a huge mount since we moved in. We … Continue reading

Small Spaces Style

Image sourced from Etsy I saw this post on Etsy (the site where I sell all of my goods on-line). I thought it had some really good ideas for small spaces and I had to share it with you. It has 5 main tips, with lots of goodies to tempt you, on how to style … Continue reading

Studio Inspiration

My new workshop in the attic is slowly coming together. I am a bit restricted with space as a lot of my items are furniture and take up so much room, but it doesn’t stop me dreaming of a well organised stylish space. I can’t help wandering around the internet at what other people have … Continue reading

Painting and Dreaming of Colour

I am exhausted. I have spent my day painting the house. We are only renting our new little home, so a lot of you out there may wander why I would bother spending time and money painting something that doesn’t belong to me. My attitude is that I am going to be living in the … Continue reading

Vintage Office

In the new workshop I have set myself up a desk to do all of my computer and paper-work on. In the past I have done most of this where ever I could find a free space in the house; on the kitchen table, in front of the TV, on the bed. Now that I … Continue reading

Boxes, Cleaning and Lamp Shades

I have had an exhausting few days. We managed to move in to our new house on Saturday, the living room and bedroom ended up being a box and bin-bag playground! Today was the first chance I’ve had to really sort out the stuff we brought with us, Sunday and Monday having been taken up … Continue reading


We have some friends coming to stay at our new place in a few weeks time and I have been having a think about how we are going to put them up for the night. We were originally going to borrow my parents blow up matress but, as is common with blow-up items, it unfortunately … Continue reading

Raya Carlisle at Design Sponge

There is a fantastic sneak peak over at Design Sponge that I have found particularly inspirational for my own home. It is the very colourful and stylish home of Raya Carlisle. Check it out HERE but I have some images below to wet your appetite. xx

The Winning Sofa

This is going to be my new sofa. It is big and squishy. At £600 I think it is a bargain. Once it has been delivered and accessorised, I will show you some photos. I bought it from Made.com and they have lots of other things that I have my eye on too! Fonteyn Dressing … Continue reading

Which sofa would you choose?

I thought I would give you a bit more information about our new home. Now that we have finally found some where to call home we have the exciting predicament of furnishing it! That’s right, we are going to be renting an unfurnished property (the first time that we have ever done so) and I … Continue reading

Retro Style: Vladimir Tretchikoff

I was looking over one of my favourite blogs and spotted a post on Oh So Lovely Vintage all about Vladimir Tretchikoff. You may not recognise the name but you are sure to recognise the images below. Images Courtesy of Oh So Lovely Vintage For a lot of people these images sum up the entire … Continue reading

Winters Moon

So, how was your weekend? I have to say I had a fairly successful time despite the miserable weather. Myself and the other half manage to find a place in Frome that we like and we have put in an application to rent it – just a little 2 bed terrace but very cute. The … Continue reading

H is for Home

I have found a site that you really need to check out – H is for Home – below is just a few of the lovely things that could be yours… I’ve got my eye on that fabric. Head over to the website now. xx

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