30430: #5

I don’t want there to be any confusion, so let me make it clear. I do not condone the use of guns, I am not a gun nut and I am not pro-hunting. With those formalities out of the way…I am, however, a paranoid person. I like to plan ahead. In my own twisted way, … Continue reading

30430: #3 and #4

It was my birthday. So with our list of challenges, we decided to choose something very special for my big day. Anyone who knows me well, knows my love of Agatha Christie, specifically but not exclusively Hercules Poirot. So for my birthday we decided to re-live the 1930s and visit a very special location where … Continue reading

30430: #1 and #2

We decided to kick things off with a couple of easy ones: #1: Swim with the Romans This has become a bit of a yearly tradition for me and the other half. At the beginning of each year (coinciding with our anniversary), we like to venture to Bath Thermae Spa. We while away a couple of … Continue reading

30 for 30

This year I turn 30! This seemingly innocent, and yet somehow intimidating number has got me having what can only be described as a mid-life Crisis. I have started to think about where I had anticipated I would be at 30, and what I had expected to achieve…. life never seems to pan out how … Continue reading

2014 Goals

I haven’t blogged for a very long time. I contemplated giving it up all together. But with the year practically a month in already I have realised that I want to write and catalogue. We are trying out several different things this year, and I feel charting their progress is appropriate. This blog is going … Continue reading

All Change

Sourced from HERE So things have been very quiet recently for Springy Beard on the world wide web. But in reality things have been a little bit crazy and I have been having to make some very difficult decisions. After much soul searching I decided to close the Springy Beard shop. After a year and … Continue reading

Sanding for the Big Boys

I thought I would give you some of the background story to us prepping the house before moving in, we wanted to try and get as much messy work done as possible. This involved stripping out as much of our wood cladding as we could, steaming off the lovely textured wall paper that covered every … Continue reading

The First Project: The Bathroom

So, we have decided to tackle the bathroom first. It was really the only room that we didn’t do anything to before we moved in. But now that we are here I feel we need to have somewhere we can escape to after a hard day DIYing. The above image is a reminder of what … Continue reading

House Tour: At First Sight

So we got the keys and this is the sight that meets us as we opened the door for the first time… The Porch The Front Room The Kitchen The Garden The Stairs The Bathroom The Bedroom The Studio It obviously needs a lot of cosmetic work but it was also lacking hot water and … Continue reading

The Hardest Month

Hello! I must apologies for having been so long, but this last month has been the hardest month I have ever experienced. Never mind trying to maintain my 2 part-time jobs, whilst doing markets, (a wedding and 3 birthdays thrown in for good measure) and completely overhauling the new house –  in between everything we had … Continue reading

We Bought A House!!!

So I have dropped a couple of hints over the last few weeks that something exciting has been in progress and you guessed it – we bought a house! So let me fill you in on the whole story. After our wedding in January we counted up our pennies and started house hunting. We fell … Continue reading

Saturday Food and Flowers

I don’t really feel that my feet have hit the ground since we got married back in January. Over these last couple of months alone we have invested in a card system, re-designed the website, had Springy Beard’s 1 year anniversary and I have got myself another part-time job. Plus there is so much more … Continue reading

Your chance to buy the Chinese Girl Portrait!

Vladimir Tretchikoff’s paintings have become synonym with style of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Any decent retro home normally has a piece of Tretchikoff in it somewhere, normally a reproduction printed on a tea towel or mug (or is that just me?!). Image sourced from the bbc.co.uk/news Well if you fancy the genuine article then … Continue reading

2013 Goals

Over the Christmas period I have been doing an e-course on successfully building and running your own Dream Job in creative industries, courtesy of Red Velvet. I’m sure I have mentioned Red Velvet before, but for any that don’t know, it is a small but successful vintage boutique, sweet shoppe and clothing label based in … Continue reading


A new year and a new blog for you guys to follow. Poppytalk. With a great mix of interior design and crafty projects this blog has a great look and style to it. All Images sourced from http://www.poppytalk.blogspot.co.uk I might have to try out some of those projects for myself, and for anyone getting married … Continue reading

Put Up Your Feet!

So I am officially back up and running after Christmas holidays and Wedding extravaganza. It feels very weird not to have a side project whirling away in the back of my mind! My brain finally feels it has the space to do some stretching and slouching around (I realise that is a bit of a … Continue reading

Wedding Mood Board: 1940s Shooting Party

I’m afraid there is no New Item this week as next week I am getting married! (and have been completely distracted with last minute arrangements. I have planned the who thing myself and it is a rather quirky non-traditional wedding. I am extremely scared and worried that I have forgotten something important. We have 3 different … Continue reading

Treat Yourself to a Magazine Subscription!

January can be a very dull month…. I actually never find it dull as I got together with my other half in January so have our anniversary and my birthday is at the end of it. Plus, this year I am getting married in January! …but I understand for the rest of you money tends … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Image found HERE Happy New Year everyone!This is the last day of December, and the last day of my holidays. 2012 has been a strange year full of travels, new houses, new jobs and wedding planning. It is at this time I like to think about the year ahead of me, which will hopefully be just … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Image found HERE There are no new items for today as I am off on my Christmas holidays! All of my hampers are complete and wrapped, the car is bursting with stuff to take back and my best winter knits are in my suitcase. I’m set for Christmas. The shop will also be shut for … Continue reading

Gift Ideas: The Unexpected Guest

There are always those occasions when you get a last minute guest come to visit, or you recieve a present from someone else and need to find something quick. These are 4 suggestions that you can keep in the cupboard, just in case. Some would also be ideal if you need a secret Santa present … Continue reading

Gift Ideas: The Book-Worm

This is for the quieter member of your circle. The one who is content to curl up and get lost in a good book. This personality is me. If I got this set for Christmas I would be very happy. Book . Torch . Mug . Blanket You can always adapt this set depending on … Continue reading

Gift Ideas: The Photographer

In the build up to Christmas I have decided to start a new feature – Gift Ideas. I love giving gifts, even more than receiving them. I always think long and hard about the perfect thing to give someone, but it can be very difficult to find inspiration. So I thought I would offer some to … Continue reading

More items added to my Christmas list!

I have had a lovely few days enjoying myself at my mini hen-do. We spent Monday in Cardiff at an amazing spa where I laid in the pool and had an amazing massage and facial. We also managed to fit in a delicious meal and Dirty Dancing at the Millennium centre. It was a perfect … Continue reading

A Career in Museums – Serious Stuff

The thing I love about vintage magazines and advertising is that it gives you a taste of what society was like at the time. You get to see the main concerns and desires on people minds, which I think is fascinating. When flicking through one of my vintage magazines from the 1960s (seen above), I … Continue reading

London Weekend

This weekend we were in London catching up with friends. There was lots of food involved over this weekend, which is my favourite thing to spend a weekend doing.Having gotten in to London we had some time to kill so we hung out for a while in the Nordic Bakery near Piccadilly Circus. I had … Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Sourced from HERE I hope you all have a lovely evening – try to eat as many sweeties as you can! xx

Monday Blues – How to change to Monday Brights

Everything is meant to be back to normal today after our week of cat/house sitting, but I must confess that I seem to have hit a slight slump which really hit home over the weekend. I seem to have developed an allergy to my parents cats! Having been pet-less for a long time now my body … Continue reading

Good Company and Lots of Food

I have had a lovely weekend. Our friends came all the way from London to visit us in Frome, and I can’t help but feel touched that they like us enough to spend so much time and money coming to see us. Homemade Smoked Salmon and Dill tart However, I suspect it may be cupboard … Continue reading

Ikea, Paint and Sunday Lunch

I have had such a lovely full weekend. On Saturday we had a trip to Ikea in Bristol. I must confess I love going to Ikea. I find the room set ups very inspirational and I somehow always manage to buy far more than I intended, or really should! This time round we were very … Continue reading

New Car

So I ran out of time on Friday because I was at the garage buying a car. That’s right, buying a car. I have been going to markets with all my items in a tiny Nissan Micra since I started the business properly back in February. As you can imagine, I get many a funny … Continue reading

Wedding Invitation

I have talked about my upcoming wedding in previous posts and wanted to fill you in on some details of what we have been up to lately. We have less than 6 months to go until the big day, so we are due to sent out our invites. The overall theme for the wedding is … Continue reading

Olympic Fever

In the very small village that I currently reside in, at my parents house, they had a big event. Today we had the Olympic torch run through the centre of the village, and I was there. Unfortunately it was a bit of a strange event. Lots of police cars, lots of coaches, lots of regular … Continue reading

The Winning Sofa

This is going to be my new sofa. It is big and squishy. At £600 I think it is a bargain. Once it has been delivered and accessorised, I will show you some photos. I bought it from Made.com and they have lots of other things that I have my eye on too! Fonteyn Dressing … Continue reading

Conservator Kayleigh

How was you weekend? Mine was very busy. Got the keys for our new house on Saturday and spent the day cleaning and moving furniture (bought myself a Henry hoover which I was very excited about!). Not moved in properly yet but will keep you posted. Sunday I worked in the morning and then had … Continue reading

A New Front Door

I have had such a busy weekend! The market on Sunday went so well that I sold all the chairs I had in stock (and with another market due in less than 2 weeks), I am now on the hunt for more items! But on other news, we have a winner! In the very near … Continue reading

National Trust Benefits

So, I haven’t really given you an update about my new part-time job, and can you believe I have been there 3 weeks already! Well, at the moment I clean, clean and clean some more. During the summer season, when the house is open, the Conservation Assistants job is to go in early and clean … Continue reading

New Driver Kit

Sourced from HERE It is my other halves birthday today! And he decided that he wants driving lessons. I have driven for the last 8 years but he has never felt the need or want or desire to learn (unlike me who has had a torn out picture of a ford anglia in her purse … Continue reading

A Right Royal Time

As I was driving back from work I couldn’t help but notice all of the jubilee decorations that have sprung up over night. Now is the time to get prepping it would seem, and I’m all for following the trend. I must confess, I like the royal family. I know some people don’t really see … Continue reading

A Wedding or a House?

So, a while ago I mentioned that we had some exciting things coming up in our future. One of which was the job, another that is shop related which I will tell you about another time, and a third that I will explain now. This one also explains my mood the other day…. I know … Continue reading

A Part Timer

I previously mentioned that I potentially had some very exciting things coming up, well I can now fill you in. But first let me give you the background info: Running your own business is hard. Particularly when it is just you on your own. I spend a lot of time on my own in the … Continue reading

A Scottish Weekend

Everything is back to normal today. We woke up this morning back in our own bed with our usual routines, I got up to feed the calves and the other half got ready for work. We had such a lovely 4 days in Scotland and I thought I would share a few of our favourite … Continue reading

A Beautiful Morning in Elgin

Just a little taster of the beautiful morning we are having in Elgin. The picture is the view from our bedroom window of the church where the ceremony will be later on today. Having a lovely relaxing time. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday mornings. Xx


The babies – more interested in their food than the camera So my new routine at the moment is to get up at about 6:30am on a Tuesday morning, and head to the local community farm to feed the calves. They currently have 2 calves that are only about 3-4 weeks old, so still need to … Continue reading

Electrical Appliances Gone Bad

So today I was going to share with you a lovely post about a really gorgeous electric fan I bought in a car boot the other week. It is lovely. My other half and I have been looking for a retro fan for a while, just to keep us cool in the summer months and … Continue reading

Wedding Day

It was my friends wedding yesterday and it was such a perfect day. The weather had been unpredictable all week but the sun shone and the sky was blue. The bride looked beautiful and the groom looked elated. Lucy, Steve and all the family made pretty much everything themselves; the dress, the decoration, the cake, … Continue reading

Buttercup China Competition

Before I left for Japan I entered a competition with Buttercup China – check out their website – here. One of the mugs from Buttercup China’s current range. Sourced from here. The competition was to design a pattern for one of their mugs for the new spring collection. Due to going away, and being a … Continue reading

We’re Back!

Hello! It is so good to be back with you all. We had such a fantastic time away, and I’m so impressed with the fantastic job Mummy Springy Beard did while we were away. I thought I would just share some moments from our trip with you. There was so much inspiration for the shop, … Continue reading

We are off to Japan!

Only one more sleep and I will be on an aeroplane off on a month long adventure in Japan……Not that I could sleep with a swarm of butterflies in my stomach. I have been working very hard behind the scenes to prepare things whilst I’m away, as I will be handing over the reigns to … Continue reading

A small glimpse of the new digs

I just wanted to give you all a little look at my new workshop. It has taken me the last week and a half to get it all in order but it finally is a fully functioning workshop and I can’t wait to get in there doing some productive work. The etsy shop will also … Continue reading

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