30430: #3 and #4

It was my birthday. So with our list of challenges, we decided to choose something very special for my big day. Anyone who knows me well, knows my love of Agatha Christie, specifically but not exclusively Hercules Poirot. So for my birthday we decided to re-live the 1930s and visit a very special location where … Continue reading

Surviving Winter Travel

When I step outside my front door to go to work in the mornings the sun is just beginning to rise. Of course, the car is covered in ice and I spent the next 10 minutes trying to defrost it, making me late for work (I really should set my alarm 10 minutes earlier but … Continue reading


We have some friends coming to stay at our new place in a few weeks time and I have been having a think about how we are going to put them up for the night. We were originally going to borrow my parents blow up matress but, as is common with blow-up items, it unfortunately … Continue reading

National Trust Benefits

So, I haven’t really given you an update about my new part-time job, and can you believe I have been there 3 weeks already! Well, at the moment I clean, clean and clean some more. During the summer season, when the house is open, the Conservation Assistants job is to go in early and clean … Continue reading


This is the last installment of photos from our trip to Japan. We did head through Osaka on our way to Shojoshin-in temple but it was also our final destination before heading back to Tokyo and then flying home. Osaka at night  The busy shopping streets The view from the top of Osaka castle  The … Continue reading

Shojoshin-in Temple

I’m so busy in the workshop at the moment that I can’t seem to get my mind off of sanding, painting, cleaning, scrubbing…. As a slight rest from the work I thought I should give you another installment of our Japan adventure.We decided when we started planning our adventure that we wanted to stay in … Continue reading


Just to give you another installment of photos from our adventure. After staying in Tokyo we headed on the bullet train to Kyoto. Tokyo in very much like London so I felt very much at home there. Kyoto had a more industrial feel but around every corner you would find a beautiful shrine or temple. … Continue reading

We’re Back!

Hello! It is so good to be back with you all. We had such a fantastic time away, and I’m so impressed with the fantastic job Mummy Springy Beard did while we were away. I thought I would just share some moments from our trip with you. There was so much inspiration for the shop, … Continue reading

We are off to Japan!

Only one more sleep and I will be on an aeroplane off on a month long adventure in Japan……Not that I could sleep with a swarm of butterflies in my stomach. I have been working very hard behind the scenes to prepare things whilst I’m away, as I will be handing over the reigns to … Continue reading

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