A Photo A Day: March

Ahhh, another month is over! This means I am 90 photos in to my project and it is becoming second nature to snap a photo. I’m even contemplating continuing this into next year as I am really enjoying myself. As with January and February, this month seems to have gone very quickly. I haven’t managed … Continue reading

Design: My first Spoonflower design

I am trying really hard to get the kitchen done before the end of the month and work on my designs, but the change in weather (a strange yellow ball appearing in the sky that I can’t remember the name of…) has got me distracted. Instead, any spare moment I have outside of work has … Continue reading

A Photo A Day: February

I know February is a short month but I can not believe it is over! Valentines does feel like a long time ago but it seems too soon to be March. Fingers crossed, with this month we might get some sunshine……well, I can live in hope. We now have Pancake Day to look forward to … Continue reading

Design: Heart Cookie Cutter

I am very fortunate to have access to a 3D printer at work. Well, actually, I am completely spoilt and have access to several 3D printers at work, but we do sell the PLA filament for printers so it is only to be expected. In aiming to build my design skills I have been playing … Continue reading

Summer Drinks

My aim this year has been to enjoy every bit of sunshine that I can. If you are in agreement then I highly recommend investing in some items to make your summer drinks a real statement! xx 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6

Egg Cups

Do you have any plans for this Easter weekend? I am working for the majority of it (but I’m sure I will manage to fit in eating the raspberry and pecan chocolate Easter egg that is currently sat on the side staring at me!). I wanted to do an Easter related post but I realise … Continue reading

Windows of New York and Drain Covers of Wiltshire

As you are all well aware I love blogs. I have a big long list saved on my browser of sites that I like to check out whenever I get the chance. One of the new additions is thebeatthatmyheartskipped. This blog was drawn to my attention by an article in the guardian about the top … Continue reading

Lots of Love for Bouf

Ahhhh! I have found a great new site that has SO much stuff that I want to buy!! 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 This is the perfect thing for your Monday evening – internet shopping! You have to check it out – head over to http://www.bouf.com – but why, … Continue reading

Pancake Day

I confess, we haven’t had any pancakes!!! I am ashamed and horrified at myself. The fact I have pancakes most weekends does not matter, it is pancake day and pancakes should be eaten. And if I was making them today these are the items I would want to accessorise my cooking. 1 . 2 . … Continue reading

Valentine Card Ideas

I couldn’t resist giving you some inspiration for your valentine cards this year. I always think it is nice to make a card but alot of the cards below you can buy. 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 I seem to be on a ‘funny sentiments’ theme for this years valentine, rather … Continue reading

Your chance to buy the Chinese Girl Portrait!

Vladimir Tretchikoff’s paintings have become synonym with style of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Any decent retro home normally has a piece of Tretchikoff in it somewhere, normally a reproduction printed on a tea towel or mug (or is that just me?!). Image sourced from the bbc.co.uk/news Well if you fancy the genuine article then … Continue reading

Treat Yourself to a Magazine Subscription!

January can be a very dull month…. I actually never find it dull as I got together with my other half in January so have our anniversary and my birthday is at the end of it. Plus, this year I am getting married in January! …but I understand for the rest of you money tends … Continue reading

My Christmas Wishlist: Books

So there are a few spaces on my shelves which are aching to be filled. With Christmas just around the corner I can’t help but mentally form a list in my head of books I would love to fill the shelves with. I thought I should share it with you….. All images were taken from … Continue reading

Advent Calender Inspiration

It is the 21st of November and only 9 days until the Advent Calender season is upon us. I am a big kid, at 26 years old I still have an advent calender! I just love the count-down to Christmas, all the anticipation and the lovely treat I get every morning to go with my … Continue reading

Monday Blues – How to change to Monday Brights

Everything is meant to be back to normal today after our week of cat/house sitting, but I must confess that I seem to have hit a slight slump which really hit home over the weekend. I seem to have developed an allergy to my parents cats! Having been pet-less for a long time now my body … Continue reading

Refrigerator Free Kitchen

Could you live without a refrigerator? No, I couldn’t either, but with a different mind set and cooking style we may all be converted. Ages ago I saw an episode of River Cottage where Hugh was going veggie. He spent some time with the chef Sachiko Saeki at her home learning wonderful Japanese cookery – … Continue reading

Retro Style: Vladimir Tretchikoff

I was looking over one of my favourite blogs and spotted a post on Oh So Lovely Vintage all about Vladimir Tretchikoff. You may not recognise the name but you are sure to recognise the images below. Images Courtesy of Oh So Lovely Vintage For a lot of people these images sum up the entire … Continue reading

Winters Moon

So, how was your weekend? I have to say I had a fairly successful time despite the miserable weather. Myself and the other half manage to find a place in Frome that we like and we have put in an application to rent it – just a little 2 bed terrace but very cute. The … Continue reading

H is for Home

I have found a site that you really need to check out – H is for Home – below is just a few of the lovely things that could be yours… I’ve got my eye on that fabric. Head over to the website now. xx

A Right Royal Time

As I was driving back from work I couldn’t help but notice all of the jubilee decorations that have sprung up over night. Now is the time to get prepping it would seem, and I’m all for following the trend. I must confess, I like the royal family. I know some people don’t really see … Continue reading

Empire Records

A wonderful thing has happened, my love for home and vintage has meshed beautifully with one of my all time favourite movies. Courtesy of Design Sponge we are ‘Living In: Empire Records’ – check out the full post HERE. Who knew that the 90s would come back in fashion! All Images Courtesy of Design Sponge … Continue reading


I think the excitement of the last couple of days has worn me out. The cold I have been fighting off has snuck in and decided to take hold of me. I have a really horrible soar throat, headache and punged up nose – so alittle bed rest whilst doing ‘research’ seems like a good cure. … Continue reading

iPhones can be retro

The market at Shepton Mallet yesterday went great. I managed to sell lots of my bigger pieces which gives me a bit of breathing space in the workshop, and a great excuse to go buy more! My Mum also came up with a great idea for the markets – our stall had lots of people … Continue reading

Mugs and Books

The weather has turned, and not in a good way. I found myself having to put my thermals back on today as I was sanding down some chairs outside the workshop. I even had to resort to my ever faithful wooly hat. I was not a happy bunny! (did you get the easter related joke … Continue reading

More than OK

Another glorious day and I have lots of computer work to get on with. I am currently in the process of redesigning my website. I like the way it looks but I’m a bit concerned it is too plain and I want to link up the blog with the website more effectively. I started by … Continue reading


For your Sunday perusing I have found a wonderful website that you must all check out – Supercyclers. Henry Wilson Designs Newspaper Wood Furniture Plastic Bag Vessels As you can see from the images above the site is full of things to inspire you. Now I love the country kitsch look, which a lot of … Continue reading


Oh my, I’m all a quiver. I have fallen in love. click here to visit this item Click here to visit this item Click here to visit this item Is it wrong to love inanimate objects? Happy Valentines everyone!! xx


Hello. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.Mine has been spent sanding down chairs and going to a very intense jumble sale (I think I have bruises from all the elbowing). However, I have also found a completely inspirational site. Reestore take everyday waste items and upcycle them into functional and stylish products. Just look … Continue reading

Buttercup China Competition

Before I left for Japan I entered a competition with Buttercup China – check out their website – here. One of the mugs from Buttercup China’s current range. Sourced from here. The competition was to design a pattern for one of their mugs for the new spring collection. Due to going away, and being a … Continue reading

Blog site: Land of Nod

Hi, I am Kayleigh’s mum and I am looking after Kayleigh’s blog whilst she and her fiance are in Japan.They arrived safe and sound on Friday and have settled in Tokyo for a few days seeing the sights, they are moving around the country and will be away for a month. I will keep you … Continue reading

Take a bit of London with you

The date is set. After the 18th December we will no longer be Londoners. But, if I’m honest with myself, I never really was a city slicker. I find the pase too fast, the people too rude and although I have had some good times here, I’m afraid the only thing I will really miss are the … Continue reading

I love all the elements

So on my wanderings around spitalfield market the other week, I found a shop that is my complete inspiration. Elemental has such a great range of industrial inspired furniture. But I’ve said too much already – just look at all the pretty pictures… Sigh, I’m in love.xx

Finding a chandelier in the newspaper

One of the things I will miss about London is free newspapers. I won’t miss the 45 minute journey squished up against someone I don’t know whilst trying to read the free newspaper. But it is nice when you are in the mood to connect with the wider world to pick up a paper and … Continue reading

Get your glass hanging

I was in Glasgow yesterday for the day job. Unfortunately I didn’t really have much time for site seeing but I did manage to squeeze dinner in at a really lovely restaurant. It is called Ingram Wynd and is a victorian inspired Scottish restaurant, and when in Rome, I mean Scotland…..I think I’ve got myself … Continue reading

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